GYDP Action Research Project Presentation

Funding of GYDPs under the European Social Fund (ESF) Operational Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014 – 2020

Report on Consultations with Young People Engaged in Garda Youth Diversion Projects (Nov 2018)

Youth Justice Action Plan (YJAP)  2014 - 2018        

Progress Report 2014 / 2015

Better Outcomes Better Futures (BOBF)  2014 - 2020 

Garda Youth Diversion Project Guidelines

YJAP 2017 Progress Report


Annual Reports of the  Garda Diversion Programme Committee Appointed to Monitor the Effectiveness of the Diversion Programme

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2017 (English)   2017 (Gaeilge)

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2016 (English)  2016 (Gaeilge)

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2015 (English)  2015 (Gaeilge)

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2014 (English)  2014 (Gaeilge)

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2013 (English)  2013 (Gaeilge)

Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2012 (English)  2012 (Gaeilge)